Centro De Aprendizaje De Espaņol UNIVERSAL.

Your Host: Olga García

Address: 2nd Avenida Sur #34, La Antigua, Guatemala.

Phone: (502)5037-4106 or (502)4558-7695

email: olgagarci@yahoo.com

(English Spoken)


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Frequently Asked Questions


How will I get access to money in Antigua?

ATM's are plentiful in Antigua. Visa is the most commonly accepted card at the banks and their ATMīs. Some machines will also accept Mastercard. Travelers cheques can be changed in banks, and US Dollars are accepted in many tourist shops.

Traveling Solo

I'm planning to come alone, will it be difficult?

Probably most of our students have come to Guatemala on their own. It doesn't take long before they find there are plenty of other people to pass there time with. They meet other students of the school, volunteer workers, and other travelers. Antigua is a great place to gather friends from every corner of the globe.


Authorized by the Department of Education and the Guatemalan Tourist Commission and University Rural of Guatemala.