Centro De Aprendizaje De Español UNIVERSAL.

Your Host: Olga García

Address: 2nd Avenida Sur #34, La Antigua, Guatemala.

Phone: (502)5037-4106 or (502)4558-7695

email: olgagarci@yahoo.com

(English Spoken)


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Map, Contacts, and Directions.

It is easy to find your way around Antigua. It is small and compact (walking is the best means of transport) and it is built in the Spanish Colonial style of numbered streets (calles) running East to West, and numbered Avenues  (Avenidas) running North to South. Buildings are numbered starting from the Central Park (Parque Central). You will soon get the feel of it.

Our Address is: 2da Avenida Sur #34, Antigua.

(This translates to Second Avenue South, number 34.)

Phone: (502) 55-08-59-99 or (502) 56-01-02-68.

English is spoken!

Here´s a map to help you.

The big arrow points to us!


Authorized by the Department of Education and the Guatemalan Tourist Commission and University Rural of Guatemala.