Centro De Aprendizaje De Español UNIVERSAL.

Your Host: Olga García

Address: 2nd Avenida Sur #34, La Antigua, Guatemala.

Phone: (502)5037-4106 or (502)4558-7695

email: olgagarci@yahoo.com

(English Spoken)


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Hot Deal (4 week special)

Class prices

What's included in the price.

Accommodation prices


Classes can be started on any day of the week.

Most people elect to have 4 hours of class, either in the morning (8am–12noon, or 9am -1pm) or afternoon (2pm–6pm), Monday to Friday, these times are flexible and can held 7 days a week if required.

Cuadro de texto: Hot Deal
4 week Special: 20hrs/wk Private Lessons with Accom & Meals.
(Save over $100)
Class Prices

Firstly - let us confirm - we have no registration fee!


These prices are for private

one-to-one tuition:     

10 hours (2 hrs per day) $70;   

15 hours (3 hrs per day) $85;          

20 hours (4 hrs per day) $110;   

25 hours (5 hrs per day) $130;

30 hours (6 hrs per day) $150;

35 hours (7 hrs per day) $170 ;

PLEASE NOTE that for reservations, it will be necessary to send a 15% deposit at least one month in advance.

Discounts are available for groups of
people. Payment accepted in US dollars, traveler’s cheques, or Quetzals. Classes of 4 hours or more include a 30 minute break.

*For 'Hot Deal' full payment is required at the beginning of the 4 weeks .

 What’s included in the price?

• Private language instruction

• Study materials (notebook, pen, paper)

Coffee, Tea and Purified water.

• Free internet (2 hours per week)

• Laundry services (3 pounds per week)

• Salsa and Merengue Classes (once per week)

Reception of Phone calls and mail.

All prices quoted in US dollars & Guatemalan Quetzals.

Accommodation prices

Please see the Accommodations page for additional info.

Weekly Prices :

With Family - Shared Bath $75 (Includes 3 meals per day Monday through to Friday)

In Guest House with shared bathroom $100 (Includes 3 meals per day Monday through to Friday)

In Guest House with private bathroom $130 (Includes 3 meals per day Monday through to Friday



Authorized by the Department of Education and the Guatemalan Tourist Commission and University Rural.